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s. majors & CO.

Consultant Firm

Our Strength. Your Numbers.

Customized Approach to​ Client Service​

We pride ​ourselves on our ability to tailor our tax preparation service to the needs of our clients. Offering mobile service, face-to-face meetings, and technology based communication. 

Flexibility and Reliability

Analyzing and executing the best tax preparation plan that best suits the clients needs, goals and expectations. Offering competitive tax preparation fees and rates. Choice of e-filing, advance loans (if applicable), and much more.

"No stress. No fuss. Leave your 

taxes to us"

"No stress." - offering a stress free environment while providing quality and outstanding service.

"No fuss." - our goal is to meet each and every client with a happy beginning and ending.
"Leave your taxes to us." - our team is professional, knowledgable and ready to tackle any tax problem that may occur. 

World Class Business Consulting

Welcome to S. Majors & Co., a registered and licensed business consultant firm focused on tax planning, preparation and accounting services, providing high quality service to each and every client. Our firm was created to exclusively provide hands-on customer service to meet all client needs, allowing its clients to be stress free and focus on what's important...having their finances and taxes prepared at ease. 

Our company is large enough to support your finance and tax needs, yet small enough to provide guided personalized attention to each and eve​ry client. Leave behind the notion of the all-day tax preparation time or even the long list of financial figures, as we provide reliable, rapid service. The passion of our job is your tax planning, preparation success and financial goals. We cater our services to client's specific needs. Our commitment to client service is a cornerstone of our culture. 

In today’s fast-paced world, we exceed at providing our clients with the most efficient, up-to-date and innovative tax and financial services possible. It's our goal to ​provide outstanding customer service to individuals seeking to hire a business tax consultant and/or bookkeeper that will bring an immense amount of knowledge and insight in all facets of tax laws, preparation and business finance.

​Our Services

Individual, State & Small​ Business Income Tax Returns

We provide preparation of individual, state and small business tax returns and support services to eliminate or reduce the taxpayers liability. As most "Tax Clients" are required to pay state taxes, we stay well informed of all individual state income tax laws to maximize client's state refunds.

Accounting ​Services

Maintain and update day-to-day financial records, single and/or double entry, allocating, verifying, posting/ preparation of transactions of financial records.

​Notary​ Services

We not only provide finance services, but we also provide notary services. Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Real Estate Documents, Wills, Travel Authorizations you name it, we notarize it. 

Concierge and Mobile Services

Our concierge service will pick up and drop off documents to your office/home or even meet you at a local coffee shop. Latte on us! No extra fees! We will simplify the process for you. Use your smartphone or computer to scan and send us pertinent details to prepare your taxes.


We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Let's do Business together.

~ S. Majors & Co.


​S. Majors & Co.'s mission is to strengthen the knowledge of our current and future clients, we'd love to assist you. Please fill out the form below and let us know how we can be of service. We will happily offer FREE business consultation to determine what service best fit your business needs. Please allow 24 hours for a team member to respond to your inquiry.


Thank you for your visit.


Phone: (888) 995-1161


Mailing Address:

900 Brentwood Road NE

Suite 92714

Washington, DC 20090-2701


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